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Mississippi Traditional Bowhunters


Greetings Traditional Bowhunters of Mississippi

       For the romance of bowhunting with simple traditional bowhunting equipment and the need to share a campfire to continue this brotherhood, The Mississippi Traditional Bowhunters was proudly founded. We are a group of bow hunters that enjoy hunting big and/or small game with traditional hunting equipment . Our agenda is pure and simple. To enjoy Mississippi outdoors hunting with our traditional bow hunting equipment and relish fellowship when possible among like minded traditional bowhunters that share common values and ethics this great sport offers us.

The MTB is an organization with basically no agenda except to be fraternal amongst our peers who also enjoy our traditional bowhunting sport. So many bowhunting organizations get clogged down on money matters, 3 D shoots responsibilities, fighting among officers and etc. There are so many other fine bowhuniting organizations that raise money, put on shoots and have officers to carry this flag in the state of Mississippi. Thank goodness and we need to support them. However the MTB will have none of the following except meet once a year in a campout/hunting environment and socialize on our website throughout the year. The closet thing we will have for an officer is the Campout committee.

Any money/dues collected will go to pay for merchandise ( patches , shirts, caps) and campout costs ( food, supplies) and insurance. Any excess of money will be distributed back to members in form of traditional bowhunting gear, etc providing all the MTB debts are paid.

The single highlight of our bowhunting calendar year will be a planned hunt/campout at a Public or Private Mississippi agreed upon location. Throughout the year the Campout committee will form from volunteers and secure a place for this gathering. A weekend Rendezvous with trade blankets, cooking contests, campfire stories, etc. will be a much welcomed weekend for those of us with the traditional hearts. If possible we will secure a leader in our sport to come join our ranks and be available to share their traditional experiences.

The MTB website will be a site for all those to connect about traditional bowhunting in Mississippi. We encourage all companies that have Bowhunting wares for sell to advertise on our site for free. Our moderator will maintain the site but not police it. However he can pull inappropriate threads.

The MTB will be your club or traditional home for all traditional bowhunters of this great state. We all have busy lives and responsibilities every day. The MTB will provide that one weekend a year to pack up the truck and go hang out with like minded traditional bowhunters. We are a bowhunting organization first and foremost that enjoy bowhunting with our traditional equipment.